The Most Instagrammed Places in The UK

At Premium Tours we specialise in the best of the UK, from London to Stonehenge to Stratford, and more. We love everything the UK has to offer, and we particularly enjoy exploring the UK’s beautiful cities and regions on Instagram. 

That’s why we decided to create a graphic looking the most Instagrammed places in the UK. We compiled our data based on the number of photos hashtagged with each UK city and region name.

We have broken the data down into the most Instagrammed UK cities and the most Instagrammed UK regions. While some of the results we could have guessed, such as London coming in as the number one city we also found some surprising results - including 80% of the 20 most Instagrammed regions being in Scotland and Yorkshire having almost 3 million more Instagram posts than any other region!

Most Instagrammed UK Cities

We doubt many people would be surprised to see that London has come out as the most Instagrammed city, however you might be surprised by the fact that it has a whopping 65 million more Instagram posts than any other UK city. And the capital wasn’t the only English city ranking highly, in fact 70% of the 20 most Instagrammed cities were in England. In contrast only one Northern Irish city featured in the top 20 which was Belfast.

The most Instagrammed city in Scotland was Edinburgh with 4,514,213 posts while the most popular city in Wales was Cardiff with 1,940,010.

Big cities including Manchester and Liverpool also ranked highly among the top 20 most Instagrammed cities, while Birmingham which has the second highest population in the UK only came in at number 9. In Yokrshire the most Instagrammed city was Leeds with 2,662,737 posts, just ahead of its neighbouring city of York which boasted 2,403,526 posts.


Most Instagrammed UK Regions

Yorkshire came out on top as the most Instagrammed region with over 3.5million posts – nearly 3 million more posts than its closest contender the Scottish Highlands.

The exceptional lead for Yorkshire as the most popular region may be surprising given that Yorkshire’s most Instagrammed city Leeds didn’t rank in the top 10 most Instagrammed cities. The results suggest that people are more likely to use the hashtag #Yorkshire than hashtag the specific city. It also suggests the region’s picturesque towns and countryside account for many of its Instagram posts rather than the larger cities. 

After Yorkshire the top 10 most Instagrammed regions was largely dominated by Scotland with Scottish Highlands, Shetland, Ayrshire & Arran, Fife, Aberdeenshire, Orkney and Perthshire all making the top 10. The other regions included in the top 10 were West Midlands and Tyrone. The results clearly indicate that many travellers and locals find the Scottish landscapes to be picture perfect, and we certainly can’t help but agree.

Have a look at our graphic below for the full results on the most Instagrammed places in the UK.

Full width most instagrammed places cities uk

Please note than some anomalies may exist in the results due to:

-people’s love of taking a Bath as well as visiting Bath

-the Australian cities of Perth and Newcastle

-cute little Yorkshire terriers

-and cute little Shetland ponies

-not so cute men called Tyrone

-tasty Angus Beef

-popular derby sports

-those Supernatural rascals Dean and John Winchester


Greater London may not have featured accordingly as a region as people are more likely to use the #London than #GreaterLondon