For current and up-to-date Covid-19 protocols, please go to Travel safely with us (Covid-19 protocols)

Before you travel with us

What is the best way to contact Premium Tours?

The best way is to contact us via or call us on +44 20 77 13 13 11. If you already have an existing booking, please quote your booking reference or voucher number and it will help us to quickly locate your booking and answer all your questions in a more efficient manner. If you don’t have an existing booking yet, please feel free to contact us with any questions about our tours, we will be more than happy to answer them.

How can I confirm my booking and why do I need to do it?

In order to confirm your booking, simply quote your booking reference or voucher number when calling us. Please also tell us that you are contacting us to re-confirm your booking. Whenever possible we ask you to confirm the booking about 48 hours prior to the tour’s departure. Firstly, we need to make sure that all the details we have in our system, like the tour, the date of the departure, the amount of people etc. are correct. Secondly, we want to ensure that you know where to meet us and what time to check-in.

Will you send me the tickets?

We do not send the tickets in a physical form for any of our tours – your e-mail confirmation/voucher is enough to check-in with us on the day of the tour. If you are travelling to the Harry Potter Studio, or to Paris, our representative will meet you on the day of the tour and give you your tickets.

Can I change the date of my booking?

For any questions regarding possible changes to your bookings please refer to the Cancellation Policy You can always write to us and check what can be done in your particular case – please remember to quote your booking reference number!

Do you cancel tours due to rain?

On rare occasions adverse weather conditions may result in a tour being cancelled, but rain would not be a reason for taking these measures. Passengers should be prepared for the possibility of unpredictable weather and are advised to dress accordingly.

When does my tour finish?

If you are interested in a particular tour, or you already have a booking and would like to know the itinerary of the tour, please write to us at and we would be more than happy to outline the approximate timings.

However please kindly note that all timings are subject to change due to operational reasons.

Your guide will provide you with meeting times and places for each location on the day.

Please note that on out of town tours you are advised not to make additional reservations (eg. theatre /dinner) for that evening. In the event of delays beyond our control (eg.road closures) we will not be able to reimburse additional costs.

What if my tour has a meal included and I am allergic to some products?

For those tours with a meal included we have a set menu. If you are a vegetarian, there is no need to worry – there is always a vegetarian meal option on the menu.

Should you have any additional dietary requirements please let us know as soon as possible. If you have any allergies we advise you to double check with us before booking to ensure the dining venue can accommodate your request. We also suggest you contact us after booking the tour to make sure we have the relevant information in our notes for your tour guide.

Please note that for anyone with a severe nut-allergy we are unable to guarantee a nut-free environment.

On the day of travel

Can you pick me up from my accommodation?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any hotel pick-up service for our tours, we advise you to meet us 15 minutes prior to departure time at the following meeting location –

  • Regular coach tours: Victoria Coach Station, 164 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, SW1W 9TP
  • Stonehenge Sunrise/Sunset Tours: Millennium Gloucester Hotel (Casino entrance), 4 – 18 Harrington Gardens, Kensington, SW7 4LH
  • Paris tours: St Pancras International Train Station, Euston Road, N1C 4QP. Meet in front of Le Pain Quotidien Coffee Shop at 6:00 am/6:30 am depending on the day of the week
  • UK Rail Tours: Euston Station, London, NW1 2DU. Meet outside the main ticket office

The only exceptions are tours departing on the 25th and 26th of December, when we offer a pick-up service from several hotels in Central London. If your hotel is not listed as one of our pick up locations please contact us and we will help you find the closest place to join the tour.

What is Victoria Coach Station and where is it?

Victoria Coach Station is the main coach terminal (a station for long distance buses) in London, located at 164 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, SW1W 9TP.

We know that sometimes our customers might be confused, as the area around the Coach Station is called Victoria, there is Victoria Train/Underground Station about 10 minutes walk from the coach station, and there are several bus stops with the name Victoria, as well as Victoria Bus Station at the front of Victoria Train/Underground Station.

This is another reason to re-confirm your booking in advance, as we always make sure customers are informed of the exact location.

Is Victoria Coach Station the same place as Victoria Train/Underground Station?

Victoria Coach Station and Victoria Train/Underground Station are located in separate buildings and are about 10 minutes walk from one another. Travellers often mix these two stations up, so please be aware!

How do I find my gate?

Victoria Coach Station is organised like an airport – there are 20 gates and the meeting points are usually at one of the boarding gates inside the Station building.

How will I recognise the coach?

If you are booked on one of our regular coach tours and your departure point is Victoria COACH Station, you will be meeting us 15 minutes prior to your tour departure at one of the gates inside the Coach Station building.

There is no need for you to look for the coach - our staff, wearing high visibility vests and holding clip-boards, will meet you there and escort you to the correct coach. They will also announce the tour once the vehicle is ready to board.

Is there bottled water on board the coach?

We do not provide bottled water on board our vehicles but usually there are lots of places during the tour where you can purchase it or have your water bottle refilled.

Is there a toilet on board the coach?

We do not use the toilets on board our vehicles as after a couple of hours on the tour it starts to be rather inconvenient for passengers sitting at the back of the coach. Our guides will always point out where toilets are located whenever we stop at any location.

If you have any medical condition which makes it impossible to wait more than 1 or 2 hours for the next toilet stop, please let us know in advance and we will do everything possible in order to make an exception and allocate a coach with a toilet on board. However please note that we cannot promise this will always be possible.

Can I take my luggage with me on the tour?

In most cases luggage is not a problem, and usually you can store it in the luggage compartment of the coach for the length of your tour. But there are some tours when you change from coach to boat, or where we change vehicles during the course of the tour; please always double check with us via phone call or e-mail, quoting your reference number.

Are your coaches adapted for wheelchair users/mobility scooters?

Unfortunately, our coaches are not fully wheelchair accessible, and in order to board the coach customers need to be able to get on and off the vehicle on their own (including a few steps).

Any wheelchair/mobility scooter has to be foldable so that we can store it in the luggage compartment for the length of the tour.

Unfortunately, we cannot book London Eye entry for customers on wheelchairs, as London Eye has a particular time slot for the wheelchair users.

If you are using a mobility scooter, please kindly send us the measurements in order for us to check if we are able to store it in the luggage compartment of our coaches – if after folding the scooter it looks like a big suitcase, it shouldn’t be problem to take it for a tour!

Are seats on the coach reserved?

We do not reserve seats on tours and operate a first come first serve policy. If you would like a seat at the front, due to motion sickness or mobility restrictions, please contact us a couple of days before the tour. We will leave this information on the check-in list and request that you report to our staff 10 minutes prior to the check-in. Please kindly note that seats will not be automatically reserved, you’ll need to make yourselves known to us at the Coach Station.

Can I consume food and drink on the coach?

Please kindly note that for health and safety reasons we do not allow any hot food or hot drinks on board our vehicles, however passengers are more than welcome to consume bottled water and cold snacks.