Modern Slavery Act 2015 Compliance Statement - Premium Tours Ltd - Premium Tours Group

At Premium Tours Ltd. We know that all forms of modern slavery are severe and in violation of fundamental human rights. Examples include human trafficking, child labour, forced labour in poor conditions and unfair living wages. We find this unacceptable and are committed to implementing policies and procedures that prevent all forms of modern slavery in our business.

This not only applies to our main UK business but extends to our structure of supply chains, including all suppliers and partners worldwide.

We all have a responsibility to work in a safe environment for the people we employ and engage with during our day-to-day procedures and working life. Our objective is to attain the highest standards through best practices. To adhere to the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015 and have educated staff within our business to be aware of the signs and achieve our zero-tolerance policy.

Staff are encouraged to immediately bring to our attention any concerns they have about unethical behaviour, suspicious activity or any indication of slavery. Safeguarding procedures are in place throughout our recruitment process.

We provide services and products mainly in the UK and a number of countries. All are carefully selected, applying due care and diligence.

Suppliers are required to acknowledge our Modern Slavery Policy and confirm that they have measures and policies in place to protect their employees and supply chain, as applicable in their country. This includes paying a fair, legal wage and not engaging in any form of modern slavery within their organisation – including human trafficking, child labour, forced labour or poor working conditions.

We do not work with service providers and suppliers who do not meet these criteria, and should we have any specific points of concern, these would be reported to the relevant authorities.

Our Product team is well-trained in this area as they undertake contracting and sourcing for all the products we sell. Our teams regularly visit many of the attractions, restaurants, accommodations and venues we sell and are actively encouraged to report any areas of concern to us without reproach with anonymity so we may take appropriate steps.
The specific measures we have in place are:

  • Communication made to all staff outlining our policies and the support and training available
  • Open and honest culture with regular, personal contact with managers, HR and all staff
  • Anonymous regard for and incidents reported
  • All new starters receive one-on-one induction, including information on culture and policies
  • Summary of our policy and the code of conduct we abide by included in supplier contracts
We monitor all feedback concerning modern slavery and take steps if appropriate. Our policies are reviewed annually.

This statement has been made in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It constitutes the steps Premium Tours Ltd and Premium Tours group has taken during the 2022 financial year to help prevent modern slavery.

Neil Wootton November 2022
Review Date - September 2023